Saturday, August 22, 2009

articleranks - great site!

ist wirklich eine interessante Seite. Was passiert hier?
Man kann sich als Blogger anmelden, mit dein Blog, und automatisch bekommst du Artikel auf dein Blog.
Diese Artikel kommen von Firmen, die etwas bekannt machen wollen, das heisst in dieser Artikel ist ein Link zu einer Firma. Als Blogger oder als Firma zahlst du nichts, ausser du willst etwas upgraden.
Die Artikel kommen durch XML-RPC automatisch auf dein Blog, du musst nichts tun.

ja toll, fragt man sich, was habe ich davon?
Jeder Artikel, den du veröffentlichst, bringt dir Credits, diese kannst du wiederum nutzen um selber was zu posten bei andere Blogger. So kann man sich unter Blogger auch etwas bekannter machen. allerdings ich glaube es geht nur bei Blogs die man gekauft hat, also keine Free Blogs wie bei

ArticleRanks is great! The website basically has a couple of main functions the first allows Webmasters to drip feed in unique free content to their site. The second option concentrates more on Internet marketers.

The search engines love fresh content, this has been proven numerous times, and one of the best methods to get new visitors to your website is via articles. Not only do they give you great click throughs, they also increase brand exposure and more importantly if done correctly it is one of the best methods to increase search positions.

But the thing is for so long people have been writing great content and having nowhere to submit it too except article directories which are off topic and full of spam.

ArticleRanks is set to revolutionise all of this by allowing people to actually submit their articles on REAL blogs and sites that people read. The greatest aspect about it all is that you get great clickthroughs and you are getting one way links that the search engines will love why? I can tell you precisely why, its because you are creating great content that is then being distributed onto real webmaters blogs.

Just picture this, imagine your articles instead of going to directories, actually being drip fed into real ranked and trusted blogs, which are all giving you one way links and all hosted on different IPs.Your search positions will just increase a huge amount.

The service will cost you nothing, but there is also the option to buy credits or upgrade to monthly status. The site also has the following functions:

* The biggest and most powerful form of article marketing.
* Dominate the SERPs within a month.
* Submit unique content to a huge network of user submitted sites and increase your search positions with ontopic powerful links.
* Earn credits to submit articles and gain links by adding sites to the system or pay a small monthly fee.
* make your articles uniquemanually or semi automatically with the content assistor.
* Increase rankings of your YouTube videos.
* Compatible with any site that has XML-RPC.
* Choose to target a specific geographic search engine.
* Get links on a big range of different IP classes
* Safe and Secure system, your links will be on users sites the most poweful form of link building the most whitehat way that search engines love. Users want your unique content and in exchange give you backlinks that are ontopic.
* The network is heavily regulated and spam sites will not get through permitted.
* Become an affiliate and earn monthly recurring commisions.
* Plus much much more

Remember there are three ways that you can gain access to publishing articles and getting themed links.

1) Add your sites to the system and earn credits for each article that gets published on your site, which can then be exhanged to allow you to publish articles.

2) Buy individual credits, this is great if you are only planning to use the system say once a month

3) Upgrade your account to monthly subscription, pay a small fee and have unlimited publishing access.

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