Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1,000,000 Unique Visitors from Germany

If you just need to show/get  more Traffic for your Site, then you are right here.
If you are looking for customers, then you re wrong here, but ...Check out my other items!

Before you start to read: Please, understand we do not accept every Site: please no porn or racism.

So that is what is all about:
We are talking here about 1.000.000 unique visitors, your website will be shown in rotation on a german server. We will show your Website untill you get 1.000.000 visitors.
If the Visitors want, or love your site, they will stop the rotation and look, but like i said, mostly they just look some seconds and the next Site is coming. SO please JUST BUY THIS SERVICE IF YOU REALLY UNDERSTOOD THIS: you will mostly JUST get more Visitors and that´s all.

You will see EVERY DAY you will get between 100 and 500 more Visitors a day, and that for so long, till we reach the million.

We will also post your Link on  200 Websites/Blogs we have from Italy and Germany. (Some of them are free Blogs like blogspot or german blogcommunitys)
We will never use any techniques that involve spam or bulk emailing.

If you would like to send website traffic to multiple URL's, we can split the traffic packages for multiple websites (but maximal 3)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!


We do NOT provide live tracking, please put a counter on your site and just see your Visits grow.

HERE YOU GET YOUR 1,000,000 Unique Visitors from Germany

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