Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog Monetization - Programs that really works!

The most people try to make money like this:
i give you prouduct/service A
- you pay X
= my income

That was also my Problem in the time i was working like a SEO, building Links for my customers.
I do it today too, but the Problem in this job is, that you do not really get much money for it. But hey.... it is nice to work at home, have no Boss, but it is also a hard Job, putting Links anywhere, comments in Blogs and Forums, try to Get High Ranking on Google , building traffic,....the must customers do not ask for a creative viral campaign, but just ask you to put a certain number of links, so till you do not put that links, you do not get money! One day you are ill, you don´t get money.

Like I said i do this job today still, (see my backlinks-Shop) but one day I decided that this part of my life (Linkbuilding, SEO) should not be my 1. income. So today I get the jobs, but I let other people do it for me. People that I pay.

So how to live like this? get little money and divide it with other partners/friends helping me to do the to make money like this?

I decided that I would like to get more passive income.

But seriously...the must "How to Work Less and Get Paid More" programs are just lying
There is no "work less"! 
If you REALLY want to make Money with internet, you have to work a LOT! and this EVERY DAY. 
And there is no Sonday for you anymore.
For a long time.

So don´t be blind and don´t believe the hype.
But, here comes the good news, the goal in making money with your Blog, is that after a certain number of days, month, you start REALLY to make money while you sleep.
How to get this?

The only real thing that works im Internet is to have a special content.
If you copy and paste, you will not live long.
If you just tell what other people tell, you will live long and you will get money, but you will not be a millionaire.
You must have UNIQUE CONTENT to get a lot of Money. Why?
because when you go to communities like facebook, twitter and so on, you have a Mission: tell about something UNIQUE. Something, the people like to hear again and again.

So i tested this siomple idea with my Viral campaign "Aladygma" and i got millions of visits- Aladygma was and is a unique content, something really creative that was not there before, but you don´t have to go so far an be such a creative crazy guy like i am. You can also just take a existing Topic and make something others that all other people does. That is what some Money gurus call: niche - blogging.

For instance, every man loves to see some photos of Formula 1 girls. But if 1000 Sites show me some girls, when you want too talk about them in your blog, you are boring your audience. So my idea, why do not talk about this girls really? To ask them: what is about your life? How do you live? Where do they buy theyr sexy clothes? A Blog with interviews with those girls could be interesting, unique. Sex sells, but interesting content about sexy stuff sell MUCH MORE THAN SEX.
It must NOT be spectacular, it must be UNIQUE, that means original, never seen. Intelligent.

When you decided, wich ist your unique content, then you can build a lot of stuff around it.
You write a post one time, a real good post. and then the goal ist:

the most people read this post, the more you get money! 

  1. You get money from your Adsense,
  2. you get money from your affiliates (maybe a Clothes affiliate for the formula 1 girls Clothes?)
  3. You get more visits, so your blog is interestinmg for companys that look for Blogs that write a review for them, so you can get Money from reviews.
  4. You can sell Gadgets or other Products aroun the topic you are talking about.
And so on and so on-

So, and now my little present for you :-) 
here I want to present you some programs that i tested and I know for sure that they works, they let you make money while you sleep (Money never let your blog work for you :) )
text link ads
commission junction

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