Monday, September 14, 2009

How to become a teacher online and make money!

Do you always wanted to teach english, or tell the people how to cook something, how to play guitar or else???
Did you already posted a masses of videos on youtube without getting a cent???

Well, now I tell you how to become a teacher and get money for it!

Go to  , a new education site. Seemile lets any person sell his educational knowledge over the web. The website makes it possible for anyone to meet teachers from all around the world which specialize in different subjects, and also individuals who are not exactly teachers but who wish to share their knowledge contents online.
These educational contents are provided in the form of voice and video clips.

How does it works? More than easy! Just:

1. Join the membership.
2. Upload your lecture file.
3. Seemile sends you your sales profit by PAYPAL ID monthly.

More Informations in italian language:

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