Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to make money pinging your Blog/Website -viral marketing

Pinging is a way to notify the blog search engines that your blog is updated.
You ought to ping as many as you can to get good results.

Pinging Services are mostly FREE, like

How to get more Traffic, Money with Pings and viral marketing?
  • keyword research. You can use Wordtracker or Google Keyword Tool to determine the best keywords to target. 
  • anagram it. If is possible (if your customer like this) take one of the best keywords  and anagram it, look in Google that you have a NEW word, that gives NO RESULTS. 
  • Create a new Blog or Website with the anagram name. So if someone is searching this key, just get your Site as only result or (later) als first result. In this Website, you are of course linking your product/website/customer
  • Link it. now go everywhere,Blogs, Boards, and write wikis, hubs, articles and blog's with unique content and links back to the anagram website and/or to the Website/Product of your Customer. just always use the anagram-keyword, and some of the other best keywords you found on step 1
  • For instance: if your website talks about computer, anagram it at, then take one of the  new anagram words: for instance the word mectopur and build a website ( for instance) and a blog.... then go to a computer board and write a new Thread: "what about mectopur is it really better than ...?" or "what about mectopur is it really good working ...?" do not even need to put a link or other keywords. You are just creating the Hype. But if you like it more, you can also write "what about mectopur, i mean  computer software at is it really better than ...?"
  • create a short 30 second video about mectopur, best would be like a misterious stuff, or funny stuff,  and submit it to the top  video website's on the Internet like youtube.
  • submit your mectopur Website at the top social bookmarking website's on the Internet
  • If you have an RSS feed,  post it to the top 20 RSS aggregators on the Internet
  • Ping the hubs, wikis, articles and blog's at the top pinging destinations- you can use:

So, now enjoy your viral traffic and get more money!
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  1. i always ping. but sometimes google does not come with its bot. do you know why ?

  2. A webside makes very much work, but it ist important for every who will be a buisiness man.

  3. This is a nice information!! After a while using those ping services I realize that, like lucie, some don't seem to do much for my site. Do you know why? Also, regarding the ping services i've found that findthissdotcom seems to bring trafic to my site and also creates a link to my pages. This is the one i'm using latelly!