Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to make money with Google Sidewiki

I love Sidewiki and I believe, that can helps to make money. Why?
is simple,

If you have a product to sell or if you help a customer to sell a product, a website:

  1. you write an interesting article about something that is really NEW, for instance if your customers has a game-computer-software site, write about some preorder (here is how it works) on or write about how to re-install Vista on a Laptop or else what the people is searching for.
  2.  In your article you link the Site of your customer. 
  3. you make a Wiki How of it that links to your article, NOT to your customer do NOT SPAM Viki How!If is a review of a Game or else and not "How to...." -Article, then write a Article on Sites like or a
  4. you can write a Sidewiki of the Viki Howor ezine Article.
  5. you can post it with one click to some of your Blogger Blogs

Then you can simply links all your sidewikis with just one link, here is mine:


and so you will have got a lot of more traffic for your customer or your product.

At the end, do not forget, everybody can read your Siewikis and vote comments up or down. All those votes will create a user ranking for each individual that will determine where their comments fall on the Sidewiki. The higher the ranking, the higher comments appear. The goal is to help move better content up. Website owners who have claimed their sites always have the right to the first comment on any URL they control!

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