Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to make money with a People Search Engine - 1

So, this is the first article about the possibility to make money with a People Search Engine.
I will test it with you - for you and tell you about it so much i can. 

The first time i hear of it i was doubting about it. Then i went to this Link:


And i saw, this Programm is really interesting for some reasons:
this is not a you-make-nothing-and-the-cash-comes-to-you-(lye)-machine, you have to do a lot to make it working, but you get very good tools to make money. You get a real
FREE PEOPLE SEARCH ENGINE, when people use it, you earn money. simple, but effectiv.

So, there are there 20 millions people a month looking for other people. Now imagine, you get for free such a machine, and you can get money when the people search. Isn´t that great???

There are 3 steps involved in the process, and there's no limitation on how long you'll gonna stay for each step.

With each step that you complete, your Display Rate increases.
When you complete Step 3, you'll be able to earn affiliate commissions from 100% of visitors - maximizing the return on your advertising.

Step 1 to Success: Affiliatize!
35% Display Rate

Step 2 to Success: Monetize!
65% Display Rate

Step 3 to Success: Advertise!
100% Display Rate

Step 1: Affilatize! (Cost: FREE)

In this 1st step, you have to signup to get your own Affiliate IDs for the following:

1. Clickbank
2. HD Publishing
3. Mylife

After completing this step, you get like me your own FREE PEOPLE SEARCH ENGINE,  and you are at 35% display rate . Your Search Engine will be temporarily hosted by ACME, which you can already use and advertise. Here you will have your ACME affiliate referral links, Clickbank, HD & Mylife affiliate IDs, you can start promoting them too.

When someone searches on your FREE PEOPLE SEARCH ENGINE, and pays for results, you earn a clickbank commission.

Here is a picture, how the search looks like. i was looking for fun how many people has my name in USA :) :

So, it looks like a simple google search or something similar...but here  there are a LOT of possibilities to make Money!

When someone click the "Who's searching for you link", and signs up a free account, you earn a commission from MyLife.

When people are on that results page, they click on any Google ads, you will earn an AdSense commission.

When people clicks on the "Search By Phone" link, and pays for the service, you will earn a clickbank commission.

When people signs up a paid account, you earn a bigger commission from MyLife.

And so on.

Step 2 to Success: Monetize! (Cost ~ $10/month)

In this step, you have now to signup for a hosting account, with the host company that will be offered for you.. So that you can have a personalized domain name, but people search related name, that will host your own people search engine. This is a 7-day FREE trial for a ".ws" domain from GDI. After that, there are 10 Dollars to pay every month-but: you get real good commissions and bonuses for your referrals. You can earn $1 per referral and a $100 bonus if you can refer 5 in a week.

After completing step 2, you are now at 65% display rate and you can now apply for a Google Adsense account, which will be integrated into your people search engine page.

Step 3 to Success: Advertise! (Cost $29.95/month - 30-day FREE trial)

In this step, you have to signup for ACME's monthly subcription (1st 30-days FREE), which are:

1. Being at 100% display rate
2. Full access to Tissa's GDI Secret Sign-up Sauce Ingredients
3. Your Super Affiliate Switch Offered as a free bonus

After completing step 3, you will be credited the guaranteed $125 commission, after 24 hrs of the start of your fr-ee advertising.

When do i will get payf? There's a minimum payout of $200, you will have just to make $75, so that your payable account balance will be released for payment.




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