Monday, September 14, 2009

Produce More Traffic with Simple Free eBook Marketing...does it REALLY works?

Here you get a tip, how to generate traffic with your ebook.
I got this tip from Stephen Pierce Blog,

His tips:
First you need of course to create a ebook (pdf format) to be given away free.
If you have or like to put affiliate links or links to your website or shop.
Then Submit it to the free ebook directories listed below.
Accelerate Your Results pinging your ebook submission results page and social bookmarking your ebook submission results page.

So: i tested the links and i will add here my experience with it and here are my results:

  1. (they ask money for it careful!!!)
  2. do not understand where to upload the book)
  3. do not understand where to upload the book)
  4. (is a great and easy free and fast ebook bookmark site)
  5. down the music at the beginnig...brrr...i did not try this)
  6. (i do not understand where to upload the book i believe here you can just resell other people books)
  7. fast, no upload, just bookmark, but book will be reviewed and - i hope -approved, so you have to wait here)
  8. fast...just link the pdf. But no categories, strange...)
  9. (This website is temporarily unavailable)
  10. (bad look website but seems serious, "To submit a manuscript for consideration, first send an e-mail with a description or synopsis of your work, a brief resume and an attached sample chapter to:..."
  11. (dead site...)
  12. (i do not understand where to upload the book)
  13. (dead site...)
  14. (works!)
  15. ("The book must be reviewed by us...")
  16. ( just a blog?)
  17., but will first reviewed)
  18. (works!)
  19."....If you have written any ebook(s) and wish to distribute it to the public, you can email me your ebook together with the following details..."
  20. (it´a search site!?)
  21."...To get your ebook published, just contact us with details about your ebook....")
  22. ("...Thank you for your input. We will review and add your site within two business days...")
  23. (i am not sure it worked...let´s see...i had to had a backlink, see hier under my post...)
  24. say they are better than others, but...want to make a contract and ask i did not test this!)
  26. (i completed the form, but i don´t know where is my Link there now...are they reviewing it?)
  27. (i completed the form, but i don´t know where is my Link there now...are they reviewing it?) 
    I can say: most of this service-sites are not optimized or dead or else....
    But : Stephen Pierce idea is great and it can really works.
    I could submit my ebook to less sites, but I got really more traffic than usual!
    Your success depends of course also on what kind of ebook you offer.
    For me was a little bit more difficoult because my 1. Ebook is in italian language.

    I am sure here are also many other sites that YOU know, also in other languages, so please tell me about your experience with them in comment here, THANKS!

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