Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tomorrow Trends: Mapping the Needs and Desires of Tomorrow's Customers

"The future need a big kiss" (Bono, U2, -Get On Your Boots)

Yesterday i was thinking, what would I give to see today what my customers will want tomorrow? <
It would be great to discover tomorrow needs, desires, chosen brands.

So i found some interesting answers:
just type  "preorder" on the search box and there you will see what the people would probably buy tomorrow/in the future. That´s also great if you are a amazon affiliate: you can start NOW to sell tomorrow things. Just put the preorder-Objekts to your favorites, make a Amazon Widget and post it to your Blog together with a review about this "Future"Objekts. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the winner in category "video games" . Idea is from Stephen Pierce take this URL and analyze it with . You will see what is trend in japan: thin Solar cells are winning, nanotechnology seems to be the word, that everybody will have to know.
hier you can use Stephen Pierce idea, type "preorder" as search term, then select :

last 7 days

all category

you will see,  Games (10-25%) wins. So click on games, and see:

are the winner.

If you do not write "preorder" you get other results:

So you see, Monopoly Google Street Game is the future game everybody will talk about, if you click on "monopoly" there you find other interesting results,

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