Friday, October 2, 2009


Here a simple way to get more traffic!
Very much people, SEO or else,  try to get backlinks  from Dofollow Blogcomments.
So, if your Blog is NOfollow, they will not consider your Blog, not read it, not include in theyr "here i can post comments" lists.
So, it´s time to change this!

1. Be sure, that your Blog is Dofollow.

Bei Wordpress: 
Here: LINK is a plugin for WordPress.
It will disable the automatic rel="nofollow" attributes added to external links.

Bei Blogger/Blogspot (i got this from

1. Go to Blogger layout (in new Blogger) and click Edit HTML.

2. Check Expand Widget Templates.

3. Search for ‘NoFollow.’ You will find at least two of them in the code.

4. Remove “rel=”nofollow”” from the tag that starts with “

5. The second nofollow attribute is for pingback/trackback URLs (blogs that link to your post and ping it). You may or may not retain these URLs. It’s completely optional.

6. That’s it! Enjoy. Your comment’s title is now ‘DoFollow.’

In old Blogger, you can do this by editing HTML in Template tab.

2. Let the people know you have a DOFOLLOW BLOG

Just search "dofollow search engine" on google.
For example:

Bei go here:
and add your blog

bei, just go here:
There you find:
"Add a DoFollow blog or report a NoFollow blog: send us a E-Mail"
Just send a mail with the adress (URL) of your Blog

Write in your Blog, that you blog is Dofollow!

You will get a lot of Traffic. Maybe some Spam. But the most good SEO´s, Linkbuilder just try to write a good/normal comment, because they know, so you will let them comment again.


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