Friday, January 8, 2010

TodayHat growing :-)

My Projekt "Todayhat" ( ist still growing :-)
As long I wait for customers, I dance a bit ;) and i promote the site.

How we promote it? showing some funny or interesting videos of Jafeth Mariani´s life for January and February, then in March Jafeth and staff will wear YOUR HAT in this Videos.

How it works?
Looking for a unique way to advertise?

I’m going to wear a different sponsored cap everyday for a year and will blog and post pics daily.

I meet a lot of people every day because of my Work (Marketing) and because i am also a Student (Psychology).

At my Calendar  you see, I have a lot of people to meet and to show your logo :-)

So what do you get ? 

You decide wich day I should wear your Cap, (please control my Calendar

then- you mail me your business Cap or Hat and you get:

  • I will wear your Cap the day that you choose.
  • I will blog about wearing the Cap and about your business, giving you important Internet exposure on and on
  • Min. 1 Videos on YouTube, and so on
  • Photos on blog & Flickr
  • Posts on blog & Twitter
  • Your Logo and many links to your site on my Blog
If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me

*I will not advertise anything that goes against my principles: no alcoholic products, no racism, no some singles sites (depends on the focus), etc.

I reserve full right to decline any advertising that I feel is innappropriate.


*If you don`t have a cap or hat, i can make it for you  for 20 $
*It must be no cap, it can also be a shirt. Or anything else you want. I can just show one or more of your products in my video. Or just talk about your Services.
* We can make german, english or italian videos

Buy in January (RESERVED)
Buy in February (RESERVED)

Buy in March
Buy in April
Buy in May

Buy in June
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Buy in August
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Buy in October
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Buy in December

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