Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to get more traffic to your Website with Facebook: support a cause

One day i was reading about the 33 chilean miners trapped underground for more than two weeks. I felt like i HAD to help so i was searching on Facebook for a Site about it. I olny found spanish, chilean Sites so i decided, to start one on my own ( )

I got a lot of support from people all over the world, we got really soon more than 1600 people and the Site ist still growing.

But one Cause-Site is also a lot of work. So i was happy to hear from one company, ( ), they would like to help me in this cause.

I did got no money but someone in the company is now taking a lot of time to make the Site better, to control the Wall-Posts and a lot of other small time killing things.

Parallel to that, i got much more traffic on my facebook profile, and so on all the sites i am promoting.

So why not - do something for other, help someone, and get some traffic. This is a good deal: i get more traffic, so i get more interested people in my doing, i do maybe sell something, so i can help even better.



  1. Nice to hear.. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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