Monday, January 24, 2011

Facebook: (Fan) Sites are changing and comments do not work, Suggest to friends still broken

Some (fan) sites on facebook have a new Style, we just hope Facebook will NOT force us to leave the landing pages/FBML. That would be a little big DISASTER for many company on facebook

The new Style of Site is looking bad, just like the new Profiles. Not simple, not elegant, just different.
The big Question: WHY??

Today also there were problems with comments... many people wrote a comment, the comment does NOT appear when they are not logged in. Really strange. I saw people posting 10 times the same comment, because they did not see it, then all 10 appeared suddenly- crazy....

and, biggest disaster, the "Suggest to Friends" still doesn´t work.

We wait, and hope.

1 comment:

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