Monday, January 24, 2011

"Friend finder" on Facebook: change

Facebook has agreed to drop the "Friend Finder" feature, which allows the social networking site to access users' address book and send invitations to everyone. That means: The company agrees to no longer automatically e-mail invitations to join the site through when a person uses the feature.

Facebook has instead agreed to provide a more transparent interface for users when they import addresses, allowing them to choose who gets a Facebook invitation, reports Der Spiegel.

Germany data protection officials have had thrown their critics to Facebook over the feature that they deem accessing personal data from other servers. Until now, people have received e-mails inviting them to join Facebook, even if they had never before had anything to do with the website. Many of the requested changes are already live, but it’s unclear whether any additional changes will only apply to German users or the site’s entire population.

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