Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to get fans if "suggest to friends" on facebook is still not working

"suggest to friends" on facebook is today still not working.
A little help if you want to get international Fans: use Twiends

In twiends you can get fans on your facebook page, if you klick on "like" by other pages.
The same with twitter Follower.
You can also buy credits and so you don´t have to like too much pages - Buying credits is the fastest way get more followers. More people will check you out each day, and more people will follow you. Choose between a single purchase or a weekly subscription. The weekly subscription puts credits in your account every day, and for less than the price of a coffee each day! and with this credits you get a lot of fans.

The only Problem is: you have to be admin of the page to promote it.

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